Tackling Community Issues

"A Veteran when it comes to Pickering Politics, Councillor Brenner hasn’t lost his knack for tackling issues head-on in the community"

*Pickering News advertiser June 2017

  • The continuation of the Pickering Pottery and Arts Studio and a future “Arts Centre for Pickering” as part of our Downtown Centre Revitalization
  • Implementation of the Mature Community Character Study and “New” Zoning controls
  • Continuation of Racquet Ball and Handball in Pickering
  • Holding Builders Accountable for damages to abutting properties
  • Solving complex problems even when it involves another level of government
  • Implementing the “New Recreation Masterplan” including the Skateboard Strategy
  • Ensuring the continuation of Book Clubs as part of the Pickering Public Library
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Integrated Transportation Master-Plan (roads, sidewalks, trails and bikeways) on City Roads
  • Implement and expand the Pickering Safe Roads Safe Street Initiatives across Ward 1 and  throughout Pickering

Ensuring Integrity, Accountability and Transparency

“Pickering Councillor Maurice Brenner holds himself accountable”

*Pickering News Advertiser April 2017

  • On-line Quarterly Reporting of initiatives advanced on behalf of the Community
  • Delivering cost effective communications through monthly E-Newsletters
  • Direct access with prompt response to resident concerns

Addressing Diversity and Inclusiveness through Engagement and Consultation

“Encourages public consultation and speaks from an accessibility and human rights angle”

*Pickering News Advertiser June 2017

“Council approves creation of group to solve growing problem of service dog users and businesses”

*Pickering News Advertiser June 2018

  • Advance a City wide Diversity Strategy that will address changing demographics
  • Implement the Age Friendly Strategy with a focus on the 55plus
  • Develop a “New” Youth Strategy
  • Continue to increase the City Tax Grant for eligible Seniors and persons with Disabilities

Reduce the High Residential Tax Base and Strong Economic Development

“The motion brought forward by Ward 1 City Councillor Maurice Brenner and Ward 2 Regional Councillor Bill Mclean also asks the province and MPAC to review the unfairness of the current assessment”

*Pickering News Advertiser April 2018

  • Continue the fight to change the way properties are  unfairly assessed in Pickering
  • Strong Business Development in the Pickering Innovation Corridor will translate into thousands of “New” good paying jobs and a decrease in the Residential Tax Base
  • New Hotel and Convention Centre has been finalized Whites Road and the “New” 407 Interchange
  • “New” Canadian Corporate Office and Manufacturing centre for KUBOTA Canada and Redcrest Office Development
  • New Revenues “Durham Live” and the Development of the City Centre
  • Phase 1 of the Durham Live Casino will be operational Fall 2019 will create 1,700 jobs and annual revenue $20million towards high priority community and capital infrastructure projects.
  • New Entertainment Centre, Movie Studio, Hotel and much more will result in over 10,000 jobs
  • Universal City Housing and Office Development east of the Pickering GO Station will create additional jobs and City revenues through additional Tax Assessment